Friday, 30 August 2013

Hoi, Salut, Hello Brussels!

I have arrived. I have hung my dresses next to his suits, lined my books up on the shelves, and appropriated space both in and on the chest of drawers. So. Brussels. In the immortal words of Vivian in Pretty Woman: now that you have me here, what are you planning to do with me? Thus far, Brussels has offered me the most meltingly-tender lamb shank I have ever tasted; has thwarted my attempts to open a bank account; and has entertained my parents with beautiful weather for our sightseeing. I think I will like living here. It feels decadent: our apartment has two balconies and ceilings on a grand scale; they put whipped cream on their coffee, eat chips with mayonnaise, and think nothing of having half a dozen chocolatiers on one place. Yes, this is going to be an exciting year.

(P.S. I considered titling this post The Entry of Helen into Brussels in 2013 which would have entertained me but probably not made sense to anyone else. It would have so counted as viva prep, though...)

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